What to Look for When Choosing a Funeral Home

FairHaven Funeral Home in Macon

At FairHaven Funeral Home & Cremation Services in Macon, we know choosing a place to honor a life is never an easy decision. Whether you’re preparing for the future or looking for a funeral home as a result of recent happenings, there are a few things you should know before you choose the best funeral home for your needs. Sometimes you don’t have time for thorough research when it comes to choosing a funeral home for a friend or loved one, so we’ll give you the basics of what you should know.

Every funeral home advertises that they have the best service. The truth is, if a funeral home didn’t have good service, it wouldn’t be in business anymore. Here are other elements you might want to look for when finding the right funeral home for you:

Honesty: No one wants to deal with “bait and switch” techniques when they’re mourning a loved one or making their own final preparations. Funeral homes are required by a Federal Trade Commission law to provide prospective families with a General Price List or GPL. The GPL is a written, itemized price list of all the funeral services and items a funeral home offers. Ask for one the next time you visit.

Reasonable Prices: A funeral service does not have to break the bank. It should be more about celebrating life and spending time with loved ones than emptying your wallet. FairHaven’s services are thousands of dollars less than our local competitors. At the funeral home, we have compiled the latest copy of our competitors GPLs to save you the hassle during a challenging time. Check out our Warner Robins and Macon funeral price charts.

Online Reviews:  A search of online reviews from sites like Facebook or Google can show you the general consensus about how well a funeral home serves their families.

Service Offerings: Almost all funeral homes have the same basic funeral service offerings, including charges for the use of chapel, embalming, the use of vehicles etc. However, at FairHaven we feel funerals should be a celebration of life, so if you want a customized service—ask for it. The professional staff  at FairHaven are adept at creating a memorable celebration of someone’s life. There are many ways to create a memorable experience. For example,

  • Handing out the family member’s favorite candy after the service
  • If your family member was an avid Braves fan, provide Braves baseball caps and ask everyone to wear them
  • Provide packages of seeds to guests for someone who loved gardening
  • Bring a motorcycle into the chapel

The list goes on. Ask your funeral director how they can help you celebrate the life uniquely.

Pre-planning Options: No one wants to burden his or her family when the time comes to think about a funeral. Many funeral homes offer preplanning options to help you create a service that tells your life story and pre-funds those services in advance. This option can make it easier to choose what you want and guarantees today’s prices. Please contact our licensed pre-planning manager to assist you.

At FairHaven Funeral Home, we strive to help you commemorate life affordably. Our caring staff understands the grief associated with funerals and the financial burden they can cause. We provide the service you expect for 40% less than other local funeral homes as well as providing ALL the essential elements listed above.

To learn more about FairHaven Funeral Home in Macon, GA, check out our website at FairHavenMacon.com.